Munarina® formulations imply no changes to recipes and methodologies. Cooking temperatures remain the same.
They can also be used in industrial and line processing.

Types available for:

  • Short pastry
  • Puff pastry (also crackers, bread-stick)
  • Croissants
  • Sponge-cake
  • Cakes and muffins
  • Almond-flavoured dough

Advantages for baked and pastry product dough

  • They do not alter the flavour.
  • They give the product an exceptional non-stick quality in all recipes.
  • They give the dough baking stability and stability to after-baking characteristics, making Munarina® formulations particularly suited to industrial requirements.
  • Reduces viscosity and stickiness, increase crumbliness and softness.

Advantages of the formulations:

  • The formulation for shortcrust pastry demonstrates exemplary viscosity, speeds up the process of amalgamation of the ingredients, gives friability, absence of yielding during cooking, greater regularity of shape, conservation of the crunchy over time.
  • The formulation for breadsticks and crackers gives crunchiness, golden color and taste, allowing a reduction in the amount of oil without compromising the robustness of the finished product.
  • The formulation for croissants gives greater regularity of shape, higher than normal water absorption, ideal consistency, golden color in the first phase of cooking; also browse in an exemplary way.
  • Munarina™ flours limit stickiness in all leavened dough products.
  • The formulation for almond doughs or in recipes with nuts allows for a reduction in the amount of nuts while maintaining moisture and consistency, but giving the dough an extremely finer structure and allowing for a substantial reduction in costs.
  • The wholemeal formulation makes it possible to exploit the appeal of the fiber content for consumers who are attentive to well-being, with the advantage of not having the taste and texture of traditional wholemeal products, guaranteeing exceptional stability of the dough without the addition of additional fats and flavourings. , friability, taste, regularity and shape.

Health and functional characteristics:

Wholemeal or fibre-rich Munarina® formulations, useable for bread, cakes, biscuits, patisserie etc., have extraordinary moisture absorption and retention capacity and low fermentability, which is the main cause of abdominal bloating and heaviness. These qualities are added to the beneficial effect of fibre in the stimulation of the gastro-intestinal tract, together with a delicious flavour, easy workability even in an industrial setting, and excellent cohesion of the dough, which maintains its softness/friability without the need for corrective flavouring or additional quantities of fat.